Daniel and his staff always respond back fast when I have a problem and will fix it with fast! They explain what is the problem to me so I understand it.

Karen Oakdale Cowboy Museum

on 10/17/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Dan is able to fix any of my computer issues over the phone!!!!! service done in minutes!!

Barbara Sanders

on 10/17/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Diagnosed our computer issue and had it fixed in minutes. Could not ask for better service.

James Sanford

10/06/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

I called The Computer Savior add I found on the internet the other day. And was so glad I did. I had an other computer person that I have used for more then 10 years who was fabulous. But no longer is able to work. So I was a little nervous trying someone new. Harry answered the phone and we were off and running. He was without a doubt the easiest person to deal with. He took care of my problem with a smile in his voice. THANK YOU THANK YOU Fran

Fran Gannon

on 09/07/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

I didn't strike gold, but it felt that good when I found this amazing computer specialist right here in Oakdale. I returned home to a black screen and could not log on. Harry arrived on time, diagnosed my issue, got me online, put some protective programs in place and explained everything as he did so. He also told me what I could expect in regard to the life and service of my machine. He is mild mannered and pleasant to deal with. He did not disrespect my layman knowledge but rather empowered me to understand what was happening with my computer. His fees are reasonable and his service and expertise is invaluable.

Sandy Dondero

on 08/24/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Daniel searched until he found the culprit and removed it from my computer. Then he changed the password and set up my new email account. We have used him many times. Always quick.

Rhonda W. Waddell

on 08/24/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Daniel has always been prompt and reliable when we have computer problems.

Neil Hudson

on 08/23/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Daniel is always on the ready when I have issues with my computers. He IS a computer savior! Have not had a problem he wasn't able to help me with.

Desiree Amor

on 07/18/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Definitely worth the money. Got back to us in a timely manner and was knowledgeable about service providers in our rural area. Recommended a company that uses ground based wireless technology. Our internet speed is faster than it has ever been. Daniel is the computer savior I'll go to for all my tech service needs.

Jerry Newsome

on 06/24/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

I had great service today. I called at about about 12:30 and he was here to fix my computer by 2pm. this was wonderful. He got my computer all straightened out and got me back up and running super fast. Thank you so much.

Sarah Rondone

on 06/14/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

I have used Computer Savior for over 10 years for all of my IT needs. Words like trust and commitment come to mind when thinking of Daniel. I wouldnt use anyone else.

Perry Keyes

on 06/13/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Daniel is the BEST. He has been our Saviour for a number of years now and he never fails us!

Julia Haidlen

on 05/29/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Daniel fixed my laptop. He fixed it for less ($130 instead of $135) than he quoted. He got it done quicker (I got it on Friday, rather than Monday) than he promised. What more can I say?

Naomi Reynolds

on 05/28/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Whenever I have the smallest to biggest problems Daniel is only a phone call away and helps me get back to work on my computer. His knowledge in repairing the damage or adding more items in my computer is impeccable!

Karen Serpa

on 05/18/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Daniel understands our needs and He is very helpful with everything we need Him to do.

Camila C

on 05/11/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Has good understanding of computer. Answered all my questions. Will use him again for computer.

Jacquelyn Beattie

on 05/02/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Daniel explains everything I need to know about my computer issues that are understandable to a non techie. Highly recommended!

Athena Ferguson

on 04/29/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

All of my family has used Danial for several years and we would not think of using anyone else. Nice fellow and does a great job. June G

June Galas

on 04/28/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

I have used the Computer Savior for the last six years...their response is a sure thing. I have had a couple situations when I needed immediate attention and received a return call within minutes after leaving a message. They work with you around your schedule...

Wayne Leggett

on 04/27/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Friendly, professional, on time, and thorough. Very knowledgeable about all computer problems and upgrades and he answered all my questions and showed me everything he repaired. Reasonably priced. Honest. I highly recommend The Computer Savior to everyone who needs anything computer related repaired or upgraded

Cheryl Judd

on 04/26/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Very professional and personable handles business in an efficient manor

Zoe Osborn

on 04/22/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

This guy really is fast and does a wonderful job!

Leona Alicea

on 04/22/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Daniel is an expert about all tech issues. He is quick to respond to a call and works hard to see the problem all the way through to a solution. He is very patient with the less tech savvy such as both my mother and mother-in-law, taking the time to show each of them proper techniques. Daniel has built 3 computer systems for us for both personal use and our business. The Computer Savior is customer oriented and provides expert knowledge to solve personal and business tech challenges.

Lisa H

on 04/22/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Daniel has been responsible for the computer system of my law office since 2010. His ability and commitment in providing the service needed to keep us "up and running" has always been superb. His initial service provided was to rebuild our system which was done with no interruption to my office. He continues to be diligent in providing any continued service needed. He continues to always be available when problems arise. Our office highly recommends him and his service. Thank you...

Tom Hogan

on 04/21/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

I called 877PCHelp911 and spoke with Daniel. He was very helpful and was able to remotely connect to my laptop from California. He cleaned up my laptop got rid of the malware and it runs more smoothly and faster. I didn't know I could be in San Antonio TX and get such good service by remote. I would use this service again it was affordable and fast.

Susan Goldsberry

on 04/19/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Daniel was great to come so quickly and fix my computer problems. Would recommend to friends and family.

Sherrh Bailey

on 04/15/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

We had a major problem with our email service that crippled our business for a few hours. Anyone that relies on technology to aid in running a business understands the importance of everything working correctly. Our company experienced the one thing businesses fears he most... Not being able to service their customers. I had already been in contact with two different tech support organizations for most of the morning who could not fix the problem so my frustration/annoyance level was already at 100%. I called The Computer Savior for service and he showed up at our office in < than an hour. As soon as Mr. Kelly arrived he made me feel at ease. He asked a few quick questions and got right to work. With in a few minutes he had the situation under control. He liaisoned with our domain/email provider and fixed the issue. He also checked and repaired all the computers in our location. I highly recommended this more than qualified company to anyone or any company. David Suriano VP, Finance and Administration Offifium, Inc.

David Suriano

on 04/13/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Whenever I need help with my computer, sometimes because of user error I can count on Daniel to come and correct whatever the problem is. I have had him start up and transfer information from the old computer to the new one. I can also count on his help over the phone when that is what is needed.

Nancy L

on 04/06/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Twice per year, I request services from The Computer Savior as to clean up hidden agendas that have been left by unknown solicitation and unsuspecting bugs that could have wormed their way into my PC. When Dan takes over the computer, either from his remote site or he comes to make a house call, I am more than amazed on how fast he works & in such a short time. I have used his services for a good 10 years & he is like family. He has cleaned up starter computers, re-built others for the family & installed any program that has been asked. His integrity is what I love about the business. He has always been honest with helping my family make good decisions & I will use his services in the future., always recommending the type of service he performs. My friends and business associates have thanked me for the recommendation, as they are thrilled with the services. Since Dan and his associate know how to clean up a computer and deliver services in a short & speedy time period, I can go on with my life & business & have the confidence that my computer and data are safe.

Carol S

on 04/04/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Daniel & Harry are both very helpful and friendly. Daniel has obviously been doing this a very long time you can tell he is very knowledgeable. We have used him for several different services over the past year. We have also purchased a refurbished laptop and a new PC from him and are extremely happy with both. I would highly recommend The Computer Savior they are reasonably priced and very professional. Thanks from Fetter Construction.

Denise Price

on 04/04/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

My laptop screen was damaged making it unusable. A certain large chain wouldn't repair it for some contract reasons. The manufacturer said to send it and $650; they'd repair it and send me any extra money back, but otherwise would not provide an estimate. (Laptop value new was about $500). Daniel repaired it for only $130, and got it back to me sooner than he originally promised. I don't give 5 stars easily, so this rating is meaningful ;-)

Naomi R

Very knowledge of computer, very good customer service, explained every thing to me and gave some tips. I would use him again.

Jacquelyn B

Friendly, professional, on time, and thorough. Very knowledgable about all computer problems and upgrades and he answered all my questions and showed me everything he repaired. Reasonably priced. Honest. I highly recommend The Comouter Savior to everyone who needs anything computer related repaired or upgraded

Cheryl J

I work nights from home on my computer and when my anti-virus decided to delete a file that was desperately needed to even work correctly Daniel was able to save the day. He explains things in a way that I can understand and follow easily and his prices are excellent.

Jennifer F

Daniel was great, he did not waste time, got straight to the point and fixed the problem i was having. I will definitely call Daniel the next time I am having issues with any of our computers. Thanks Daniel

George H

I was introduced to Daniel and his computer expertise just a year ago but have recommended him numerous times since then. He is knowledgeable, hard working, trustworthy and flexible. He has helped me with everything from setting up a new computer to cleaning up my old one. And his prices are very reasonable for the computer knowledge he has!!

Katy W

Daniel, the Computer Savior, has been helping us with our computers for more than five years. We were so happy to find a computer technician who would come to our home and work on our computers right here (instead of telling us to bring it in and they might be able to get to it in six weeks!!). On occasion he had to take a machine home because it required more work than he could do here. He's helped us keep our computers up-to-date, secure, backed-up, and running properly. He's built custom computers for us, found a company to help us retrieve information with a harddrive crash, and is always willing to answer our questions. We heartily recommend Daniel to anyone needing help with computer maintenance/repair/upgrades/etc.

Carol F

I have worked with Daniel for several years, and he has gotten me out of some tough computer situations, including fixing a virus on my computer while I was in Mexico- he did it online. He is very knowledgeable and very professional. I take all my computer problems to Daniel

Terry C

Daniel is hard working and very knowledgeable when it comes to his computer business. I have known and done business with Daniel for 4 years now. He has repaired, rebuilt, and fine tuned my computers to keep them running continuously to help build my business. Daniel is very fair and reasonable when charging for repairs. When I call Daniel with a problem he is very fast to responding and he comes to my business almost immediately to help. I highly recommend The Computer Savior for any Computer work that needs to be done

Stephen H

We've been using Daniel's excellent PC repair skills for more than 10 years. He does a great job in getting the issues fixed quickly and at a very reasonable price. Thank you Daniel!

Tim Y

Have received great service, and helped us fix numberous login, trouble shooting problems from our towers, and other computer problems that have come up on our pc. Daniel has spent anywhere to l to 2 hours as needed to fix our computer problems. Highly recommend his skills and knowledge of computer maintenance.

Yolanda A

I recommend Daniel to everyone I know that is having computer issues. He is always punctual, polite, and most important, he knows what he is doing. We have used him at the office for quite a few years now, and he is our go-to guy for tune-ups and glitches. He also services my computer here at home. We are very happy with him. Like I said - I/we recommend him to everyone.

Cathy B

I have known Daniel for a long time, and I find him very reliable and good at what he does. He has saved me many times from my own errors and is usually very available to work with on the phone. I know that you will find him to be a very good and competent computer technician.

Nancy L

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